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Business domain „CAD/CAM”


Our business domain CAD/CAM systems comprises the sale and support of the systems deskartes IDS and the Design Expert series – products which are especially appropriate for industrial design and which we also use in the fields of design and rapid prototyping.

We are no classical sales partner or system vendor, but we offer these systems as user for the user. Please tell us your needs – we show you what our products can do.

Furthermore we design single items as well as complete tableware series and we produce samples (rapid prototyping) and tools.

Following, you’ll find more detailed information to the single descartes-products sold by T&T.


Industrial Design System

deskartes Industrial Design System (IDS) is a software package which has been especially developped as a design tool for industrial designers. Therefore this system is applied in huge companies as well as in small design studios.

The rendered images you’l find in the product description give you an idea of the possibilities of deskartes IDS. All these images are 3D computer models produced and rendered with deskartes IDS.

deskartes IDS is supported on Microsoft Windows NT/2000/XP, Mac OS X and SGI IRIX-systems.


View Expert

deskartes View Expert offers multitude of tools for viewing, rendering, measuring and communicating 3D CAD files such as the widely used STL and IGES formats. Furthermore, View Expert provides the basic user interface to all the other Design Expert products.

For viewing and verifying STL files, a free version of View Expert is available. This version can be downloaded here.


3Data Expert

When creating 3D files, many CAD applications don’t keep perfectly with the conventions of the corresponding file format, leading thus to problems of data interchange. 3Data Expert assists you with repairing, correcting and manipulating the content of 3D files.

3Data Expert – an easy way to solve data format problems with IGES, VDA-FS or STL files!


Design Expert

For an overview of the functionality of deskartes Design Expert check the product description. These are the key benefits of Design Expert:

How to reach these benefits deskartes explaines on this page.


Render Expert

Render Expert generates professional, photorealistic images from you 3D geometry which are perfectly suitable for presentations and other marketing purposes.

In order to reach this, Render Expert utilizes a ray-tracing-technology which allows you to generate images with shadows, highlights, textures and many other features for professional reproductions.

Render Expert can accept 3D data of the following formats:

Furthermore there is a Catia interface.


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